Required Equipment


Hockey Stick:  All sticks are generally accepted (street hockey, ice hockey, wooden, plastic, composite, etc.)  When measuring a stick for a player, a good rule is to place the blade on the floor in front of the player.  The “butt end” should fall somewhere between the player’s chin and nose.


Hockey Gloves:  Street hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse gloves are the only acceptable options.  Moto-Cross, soccer, welder gloves are NOT acceptable.


Hockey Helmet:  Helmets MUST be equipped with a FULL face cage/shield.  LACROSSE HELMETS ARE NOT acceptable!!!  It should be noted that hockey helmets are much like sneakers:  all brands fit people differently.  It is highly suggested that players try on different brands to find the one that fits them best.  Most helmets are adjustable with a simple Philips screw driver along the temples of the helmet.  The helmet should be snug yet not painful.


Shin Guards:  Soccer shin guards are acceptable.  Street/Ice hockey shin guards (one’s that go above the knee) are also acceptable.


All of the equipment above can be purchased locally at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bertelli’s Skate Shop, etc.  The Hockey Committee and Referees reserve the right to deem equipment unacceptable at any time for safety.  No player will be allowed to play without acceptable and safe equipment AT ANY TIME.