Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)  Where are the games/practices played?

A.)  All games/practices are played at the Southwick Recreation Center.


Q.)  Are the teams co-ed?

A.)  Yes.  All teams/leagues are co-ed.


Q.)  Is there any contact?

A.)  The league is “No Checking” however there is occasional light contact through normal game play.


Q.)  Are slap shots allowed?

A.)  No.  High stick penalties are called for both sticks that go too high, and for anything that “looks” like a slap shot (at the referee’s discretion).


Q.)  When does registration occur?

A.)  Registration usually occurs during December and early January.


Q.)  When does the season start/end?

A.)  The season runs during the months of February, March, and April.


Q.)  How long do practices/games last?

A.)  Practices and games are both about an hour long.  (In the event of a tie game, overtime DOES occur.)


Q.)  How many teams make the playoffs?

A.)  ALL teams make the first round of playoffs.


Q.)  I still have more questions.  Where can I have them answered?

A.)  You can email any additional questions to