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To our coaches, parents and fans:


As we enter playoff season, we know that the intensity of the players & games will naturally increase.  We also know how animated and passionate our fans are.  This is what we love about you, the fans, who are here every game supporting your child, grandchild, friend, etc…


As a reminder, we request that everyone remembers the spirit of SRC Hockey & that this is about the experience for the players (your children).  This is not a life and death situation, this will not impact their draft order in the NHL, nor the importance of them in our lives.


Please be respectful to the players, the opponents, the coaches, the refs & the other parents.   SRC Hockey is about teaching our kids the fundamentals of hockey, being a good teammate & the values of good sportsmanship.   Be an example for us to highlight in a positive fashion.


Have a great playoff season.


SRC Hockey Committee