February 2020

Snack Shack:  We have introduced two new items; nachos w/cheese & soft pretzels (cheese optional).  Please check them out & let us know what you think.   Our snack shack is how we support our referees and we ask you to please support our snack shack.


Shootout:  At the end of the 3rd period if the two teams are tied, there is a 3-minute overtime period.  If they are still tied after overtime, a 3 round shootout will occur.  If after 3 rounds, the teams are still tied, the shootout will continue until there is a winner.   All players, with the exception of the goalies, must have a chance to participate in the shootout before a player is reused as a shooter.


Mercy rule:  If a situation during a game arises where either team is losing by five (5) or more goals, the coach of the losing team will determine if the game clock will switch from stopped time to running time.   They are allowed to make this determination only once when they begin losing by 5 goals.


Time of play rule:  All players must sit at least three (3) minutes per period.