Good news! We have reopened the travel soccer registration. If you and your child are new to the travel soccer program or are interested in learning more about it here is some basic information.


    What Southwick Travel Soccer is:


A way for kids to play against kids from other local towns. Your child will get a chance to play against a higher level of competition. In doing so, they will get exposure to many different kids, from many different towns, with a variety of skill level.

Typically, our travel teams practice 2 times per week, with some of the older teams practicing 3 times per week. More focused practice time paired with greater competition provides kids the environment to be able to develop at a faster pace.

The Travel program has teams in both the Spring and Fall seasons. We strive to have teams available in the U8 to U14 age groups for both boys and girls. Of course, actual teams are based on the number of registrations that are received within a given age group.


    What Southwick Travel Soccer is NOT:


“More” competitive vs higher level of competition:

A lot of people are hesitant to try the travel program because they feel it will be too competitive, especially if their child would be joining at a younger age.

At the younger ages (U8 through U10) there are no divisions, no playoffs, and scores are not even kept. This is purely about being able to develop kids as top soccer players against a higher level of competition.

At the older ages (U11 and up) scores are kept and there are playoffs at the different levels. At these ages it does become more competitive, but the focus from both our program and from the league, is still on developing the kids over winning and losing.

Significantly more travel time:

U8 teams play all of their games at Roots’ facility in Westfield. This is designed to help families transitioning from an In Town/Rec program to a travel program. It gives the best of both worlds where it allows the kids to play against a higher level of competition and kids from other towns, while having one central location. For Southwick residents this location is great because it is only 10-15 minutes away from Roots.

U9 and up will travel for their games. The travel distance will obviously depend on what towns are in your division, but most games are within a 30 minute drive if not less. Some of the other towns in the Roots Travel Program include (but are not limited to) Agawam, Westfield, Hampshire, etc. There are a total of 8 games in a season (not including playoffs if applicable) and close to half will be home games at our Southwick Soccer Foisy Fields. Games are typically on Saturdays.