Hi everyone-

We have received a few questions regarding InTown registration for the upcoming Spring Season. We always wait until travel registration has been completed before opening InTown just to make sure there is no confusion on parents end when registering. Now that travel registration is closed and has been completed, we will be opening registration for InTown Spring soccer TOMORROW 3/13. You can register at southwicksoccer.com

In the meantime, we put together some information that covers the most frequently asked questions regarding the program and also highlights the very small changes that will be made this Spring. Please keep in mind that nothing has been finalized yet by the Soccer Committee since what we decide to do will depend on the registration numbers.

If after reading the information below and looking on our website you still have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are so excited to see all of the kids back on the fields again in just a few short weeks!

-SRC Soccer Committee

What is InTown Soccer?

The Southwick InTown soccer program is a recreational level program for kids beginning their soccer adventures. It is a chance for kids to learn the basic fundamentals of the sport and hopefully begin to develop a life long enjoyment of soccer. The InTown program is available for kids 4 years old and older, based on registration numbers within a given age group. The InTown program has both a full Fall season and a Spring season geared towards individual skill development.

This Spring, the Southwick Soccer Committee has made the decision to go back to our Spring clinic style session. This will be different than the style from the fall season where the younger kids have a half hour of practice followed by a half hour game and where the older kids have one practice a week and a game on the weekend. The goal of the clinic style is to focus on teaching individual skills to the kids and also help our volunteer coaches with understanding these skills as well. The kids will start off together in a larger group where the Coach will discuss the focus of that training session and demonstrate the drill(s) that will be used to work on that particular fundamental skill that day. From there, the kids will break off into their small groups with their Volunteer Coach where they will go through the drill. At the end of each clinic the kids will be separated into teams and we will end with small sided scrimmages. Our goal will be to match up the kids with those with similar skill level for these scrimmages to allow as many kids as possible to have time and touches on the ball.

This is going to allow the kids the opportunity to really learn and fine tune the fundamental/basic skills of soccer: passing and receiving, shooting, dribbling, touch and ball control, decision making, running off the ball and tackling and then apply what they learn in a game like setting in the scrimmage at the end.

While we understand that this is different than the last few seasons, this was historically how the Spring sessions were handled and what we feel as a Committee we need to get back to, in order to give the kids within our program the best chance at continuing to grow and develop into great soccer players!