Hi everyone-
We have been receiving some questions regarding the Spring InTown Schedule and wanted to update you all. We apologize for the delay in getting this out. In order to schedule the clinic sessions we needed to first have the ROOTS travel schedule so we knew our field availability and also the T ball schedule so we could do our best to avoid conflicts.

The spring season will be starting next Saturday, April 29th. We are currently working on finalizing the schedule but sessions will be at either 9am, 1030am, 12pm or 130pm. The 9+ age group will be every Saturday at 9am as this age group will not be participating in Tball. The other age groups will be rotating between the other time slots so we can limit scheduling conflicts for those families doing both spring soccer and tball.

We could use a few more volunteers for all age groups but especially the 3/4 y/o age group. If you are someone who is available to help please reach out to us asap. Additionally, if you are someone who volunteered to Coach when registering your child and you have scheduling conflicts with what was mentioned above please reach out.

As soon as we know we have the volunteers in place for each session, we will publish the schedule to our website. Please keep in mind that this season is going to be clinic style so your child will NOT be assigned to a specific team and/or Coach.

We hope that this helps address any questions or concerns you may have and will be in contact with you all once the schedule is final.

Thank you,
SRC Soccer Committee