It’s about that time…Basketball time!  

I hope everyone had a great summer and that the kids’ school year is off to a great start!  It’s time to register for basketball!


Please use the links in the attached flyers to register your child.  There is one flyer for instructional basketball and one for travel basketball.  Please pay attention to the following:

  • Instructional Basketball flyer/link:  for Grades K-2 only
  • Travel Basketball flyer/link: for Grades 3-8 only
  • Choosing child’s correct gender
  • Choosing child’s correct grade

We want to ensure your child is placed in the right league, with the right age group and gender from the start, so we kindly ask that you double check your registration fields once you’ve chosen the appropriate flyer. This will ensure a smooth registration process for everyone…  parents, kids, and administrators.


Thank you to all of our volunteers that have helped us in previous seasons!  This program does not happen without volunteers.  None of us are employees, we’re doing what we do because we love our kids, we love watching them learn new skills, challenging themselves, building confidence…. and of course, we love basketball!

For those who have not volunteered in the past:

  • We have a few administrative responsibilities behind the scenes where we welcome volunteers:
    • For each game: We need people to run the clock, keep the stats book and collect admission at your child’s travel gym
    • There are coaching vacancies for both Instructional and Travel teams
    • We have an opening for a lead point person for the K-2 Instructional Program.

Our program will run better if we all help support our community basketball programs just a little.  If you are reading this thinking...

  • I’ve never done it.
  • I don’t know how.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I work full time.

To that, I say, reach out to the parents’ who have held these volunteer roles in past years… they probably thought the same thing, but learned very quickly how fulfilling these roles can be, even the little ones.  The reason Southwick has a community basketball program and a place for your child to play basketball is because people like you were willing to help.

HINT: You do not need to know ANYTHING about basketball to be responsible for the K-2 Instructional Program.  We just need your time. 😊

Please take your time going through the attached registration flyers. Our aim is to provide answers to as many questions as possible regarding registration, evaluations, how long the season is, etc. However, do not hesitate to reach out if there are things we have not addressed.  We look forward to a great season!

See you soon,

Jess Boldyga, President SRC Basketball


League President:

Jessica Boldyga