League President:

Kim Roberts



  • Fall 2022 Southwick Travel Season
      • Congrats to the U12D3 boys for making the playoffs
      • Congrats to all other Travel teams on another great season


  • Spring 2023 Southwick Travel Registration!
    • Registration has closed for all ontime registrations
    • Registrations are being looked at and registration will be opened shortly for teams needing additional players.
      • Players registered ontime will be given priority over late registrations
RSL Age Matrix
What does Travel offer?
  • Tougher competition
    • This is the number one reason that people move over to the Travel Program.  Because we are playing other towns Travel Programs, it offers your child a chance to play against tougher competition each week, which aids them in their development.
    • This doesn't mean that you will be playing against competition way above your child's development level.  There are divisions within the Travel Program and we place each team individually within a division, based on that team's overall level.
  • Developmental Plans and Growing Field Sizes
    • In the Travel Program kids start on smaller field sizes, with smaller number of players, and over time grow onto larger fields, with more players.  This helps to make sure every player is getting as many touches as possible on the ball during a game.
      • U8 - 5v5 (4 field players and 1 goalie)
      • U9 and U10 - 7v7 (6 field players and 1 goalie)
      • U11 and U12 - 9v9 (8 field players and 1 goalie)
      • U13 + - 11v11 (10 field players and 1 goalie)
  • How Competitive is it?
    • Just like any program there are safe guards put in place to make sure that it is not about winning.  In fact, at the Travel Program they don't officially keep scores until you are at the U11 level.  That means:
      • U8 through U10
        • no playoffs
        • no worrying about records or winning or losing
        • equal playing time for all children
        • the focus should be 100% on the development of the children and the team and HAVING FUN!
      • U11 and Up
        • playoffs are now a part of each season
        • wins and losses are tracked and recorded
        • the focus should still be on the development of the children but there is some focus on the ability to compete against other teams
        • all kids will still play but playing time might not be equal across all players

2023 InTown Soccer – Spring Season

By marksposato | March 12, 2023

Hi everyone- We have received a few questions regarding InTown registration for the upcoming Spring Season. We always wait until travel registration has been completed before opening InTown just to make sure there is no confusion on parents end when registering. Now that travel registration is closed and has been completed, we will be opening…

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SRC SummerSports fundraiser

By marcstonge | March 5, 2023

Good morning SRC supporters. The SRC Summer Sports program in partnership with the SRC Board has opened a new GoFundMe fundraiser for 2023. We are looking to raise $20K to revitalize the baseball/softball complex & need your help. Please visit https://gofund.me/df5d24d9 to read more information about this fundraiser & make your donation today. Thank you.

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