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Kim Roberts


Home Training for Players

Here is some comment that was found on youtube and can be used to help develop your child on a weekly basis. There is a lot of great information on the internet that can help your child get extra touches in at home. This is especially great during the offseason when there are not organized practices occurring

Southwick Soccer is not affiliated with any of the groups or individuals portrayed in these videos. These are simply a group of videos found that can be used by the players to improve and grow.

Gold Star Soccer Summer Camp Information in Southwick

By marksposato | May 2, 2024

Gold Star soccer will again be returning to Southwick Recreational Fields this summer. The camp will be held July 15th to July 19th. The camp is open to the entire Southwick Soccer community, but is great for the younger kids who are looking to take their soccer to the next level. Southwick Soccer offers a…

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InTown Spring Season Information

By marksposato | April 19, 2023

Hi everyone- We have been receiving some questions regarding the Spring InTown Schedule and wanted to update you all. We apologize for the delay in getting this out. In order to schedule the clinic sessions we needed to first have the ROOTS travel schedule so we knew our field availability and also the T ball…

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