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Foisy Field Diagram


Southwick InTown Soccer

  • 2021 Spring Season
    • We want to have a Spring Season this year
    • Anything we do will be passed through the Board of Health for approval
    • Depending on the number of people we will cater the season to them
      • Ideally we have a regular season
      • If numbers are low we will tweak the season to meet the numbers
    • There will be a cost associated with the season.  Depending on what we do will dictate the cost.


2019 Fall InTown
7/8 Division
Team Win Loss Tie
NY CFC 2 4 1
Dallas 5 1 1
Revolution 1 4 2
Red Bull 3 2 2

9+ Division
Team Win Loss
NE Revolution 1 6
NY Red Bull 3 4
Dallas 6 1
Earthquake 4 3

2021 Spring Soccer Season

January 4, 2021

All I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season.  I know it seems like Winter is only just starting but the Spring season is right around the corner.  The soccer committee is meeting over the coming weeks and then registration for the Spring season will be opening up shortly.  We will be working with the…

COVID-19 Travel Soccer

March 19, 2020

All We will continue to keep everyone updated on progress and changes but at this point US Club Soccer (our governing body) has put out this statement on timings.  While US Club Soccer is our governing body for Travel Soccer only, InTown soccer will follow a similar plan and we will not open up InTown…